Meet Our Brands

Boneless Bangus

Sarangani Bay prides itself as a protected seascape by its country’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources, making it Philippine’s Key Marine Biodiversity Area


Rest assured that our milkfish swims in the best possible waters a marine life can truly thrive

97% fish bone free for your customer’s dining pleasure, your chefs don’t have to sweat on it, saving them and your service precious work time

Artisian Jam

Honing in decades French heritage jam makers, The Fruit Garden uses 


100% Natural ingredients harvested from local resources in the Philippines, this Artesian jam has a high fruit content of 60% which categorises itself as Luxury Jams

Cane sugar replaces the usual artificial white sugar found in most jams making this a healthier option in the market

Sustainability is at the forfront of production, where all bottles can be returned and recycled

But what truly sets The Fruit Garden apart is the innovative and game changing flavours that is sure to excite Singaporean's curious and adventurous taste palette!

(especially with the growth of cafes

and lux-fusion eateries in Singapore)  


Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

Did you know that this chocolate can support your body goals and indulge your cravings as the same time?

Researchers that integrated 3-15% of cacao (the natural variety of chocolate we sell) into the diet led to rapid and significant weight loss with improvements in cholesterol levels too.

According to one summary article, dietary supplementation with cocoa flavanols significantly reduced weight and fat gain, obesity-associated inflammation, fasting blood glucose levels and glucose intolerance

Auro Chocolate is a proudly Filipino, bean-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources cocoa beans directly from local farming communities in Davao while doing their part to restore the Philippines’ heirloom varieties. They buy their beans at higher value to inspire quality and to give farmers the opportunity to improve their standard of living.



Longanisa in the Philippines have varied taste profiles depending on the province it's set on

This well-loved Philippine sausage embodies the classic longanisa flavour with a hint more sweetness and pepper for that fusion between Singapore's local taste and Manila's popular staple dish

Intentionally produced with health considerations in mind,

Prime Food Marketing's Philippine Sausage contains minimal fat content, with natural ingredients (plant based colourant) 


Asian Shortbread

With much delight and satisfaction in their proven accreditation, Prime Food Marketing proudly introduces these brands and the following product line items to Singapore hotel, cafe and event-based businesses!